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Robert Laurenson Engineering Ltd,

Boat Sales / Engine Services / Gearbox Services / Miscelaneous

Marine Engineering, Fabricationa and Aluminium Boat Building service in Shetland.

Have just erected a new purpose built workshop to base my work from.

18+ years experience as a Marine Engineer, starting out as a Marine Engineering apprentice and moving on to a 10 year career as a Marine Engineer at sea on varying types of large vessels, anchor handlers, Dive support ships and pipelayers etc.

From there I moved into the offshore industry firstly as a Maintenance operator and have been in supervisory roles since

and now am starting this business initially in my time home from work until it develops.

My main skills are,

Marine Engineering, fault finding and repair, servicing, overhauls, refits and engine replacements.

Welding and fabrication services including all types of welding processes and materials. Steel, Aluminium, Stainless etc.

Any job you have please just ask and i will be happy to help.

As a side note, this business will be run in my time home from offshore, at least to begin with until it hopefully grows into something better.


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