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Neutrarust 661

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Neutrarust 661® - The revolutionary complete rust control treatment

Neutrarust 661® higher performance rust converter treatment will prevent your valued assets from being progressively destroyed by the effects of corrosion, leaving you to enjoy them for many more years.

Neutralises the corrosion process

Produces a hard, water-insoluble hydrophobic film

Mineral acid-free

Minimum surface preparation required

Can be applied to damp surfaces

Cost effective

Water based - Classified as non-hazardous

Compatible with most paint products

Neutrarust 661® is easy to apply, fast acting and quick drying. Equipment used for application is easily cleaned in water. There are no harmful solvents in the Neutrarust 661® formulation. It is a water-based product safe and environmentally friendly.  Having been rigorously tested to MOD and NATO standards in the laboratory and under the harshest marine and industrial conditions, Neutrarust  661© has earnt an unquestionable track record of reliability and durability worldwide.

By converting rust into a strong, resilient coating, Neutrarust 661® provides long-lasting protection against destructive corrosion for decades. When you use Neutrarust 661® high performance rust treatment you can do so with complete faith and confidence because quite simply.



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