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Kemp Sails have a very strong ethos of quality and fairness for our customers and so whilst it's hard to 'please everybody, all of the time', we have gone to some quite extreme lengths on occasions to ensure that our customers get the quality of service and product that they expected and deserved. Many of our staff have been Sailmaking or in the Marine Industry for many years and we don't hide from our customers - you'll find us at most of the major UK boatshows and we are always happy to talk and answer questions, whether it be about a Drascombe or a Discovery Yacht, or a Sigma or a Swan. Many of our Sailmakers are keen Sailors and racers, several have done Fastnets and Transatlantic crossings and some have competed in races at National and International level. If you'd like to know more about the team at Kemp Sails then check out our Key Staff's 'Biog' page

Certainly Sailmaking is a complicated area. There are thousands of different boat types, mast types and rig setups, so whilst boats may appear very similar at first glance - many people have underestimated just how much experience and knowledge goes into making sails and in getting the correct fit and result.

Probably for this reason, many attempts to standardise and simplify the sailmaking process have resulted in poorly fitting products and even company failure. At Kemp Sails we'll guide you through the Sail buying process and ask the right questions,with knowledge gained through well learned lessons understood from years of experience. If there are ever any questions then you can depend on a company that is based right here and can attend to any concerns.

As a cottage industry there will always be somebody offering a 'low cost alternative' which can sound attractive.... but normally these offers mean they don't have the level of infrastructure or machinery that is required to do the job correctly, and sadly transpires to be a more costly or dissatisfying experience in the long run - so our Kemp Sails' prices are usually keen, and our service consistent and dependable.....chances are, we may well exceed your expectations!


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