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Selling a share?

It is a fairly straight forward process, but there is a procedure to follow and questions to answer;

What type of yacht is it? Where is it located? What year is your yacht? How many syndicate members are their? What sort of condition is it in?

What value do you put on your share? Is the yacht registered? Has the VAT been paid? How long have you owned your share? Why are you selling? Are there any must haves for new owners? What monthly costs are involved?

These questions in themselves lead to more questions and it sounds complicated but they should all be fairly straight forward to answer.

Our team will take all of the information and record it ready for the advert.

Then we will need up to date photos of the yacht. These can be supplied by you or we can arrange for photos to be taken at a cost. This can be negotiated at the time.

Sometimes even a video of the yacht can help sell it. Poor quality photos or videos will not be used.

We will then write a very clear advert for your share, including photos and videos then send it to you for approval. Once it is approved we will add it to our site and actively advertise it through social media.

Our costs are 1% of the final sale value or via a pre arrange fee. 

Once a price for the share has been negotiated and accepted, then there are steps we will take in order to secure a safe and transparent transfer of the share for sale and the funds to buy that share.

No money will be retained by The transfer of funds will take place through an independent account solely set up for the safe transfer of funds between buyer and seller.

More information will be supplied once contact with us has been made.

Please contact yacht share sales to process your share -